BEHL Player Splits Policy

Updated Wednesday May 3, 2017 by Best Ever Hockey League (BEHL).

The BOD discourages players from splitting time during sessions. This can create headaches for managers, issues with parity, be unfair for full-time players, and cause registration complications. For a split to be considered, the following guidelines apply: 

  1. Players wishing to split time must be approved by the team manager.
  2. The manager needs to send all split proposals to the BOD prior to registration.
  3. Splits should only be considered because of medical reasons, special childcare needs, or other extenuating circumstances.
  4. One player (the “primary split”) needs to pay for a full session while the other player (the “secondary split) pays the primary split. Sno-King will not accept partial payments for splits.
  5. Only the primary split can take advantage of preregistration for the following session. The secondary split will need to wait until registration is open to the public.
  6. When discussing parity at the manager's meeting, the rating of the higher ranked player will count toward the team’s overall rating.  
  7. There should be only 1 player split per team to minimize the impact to parity.
  8. Splits cannot play for the same team at the same time.
  9. Splits cannot sub for other teams on off nights.
  10. Split players cannot be team manager for that session.
  11. Any violation to no. 8 and 9 above will result in the Manager sitting the next game, as well as the offending player(s).

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