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Updated Sunday February 26, 2017 by Best Ever Hockey League (BEHL).


As a league associated with USA Hockey, we play under USA Hockey rules. In addition to the official USA Hockey rules, we have several league-specific rules to minimize the danger of injury, conform to the ice time we have (minimize cost), and to help ensure our league maintains its "let's have fun" attitude.



A game will consist of three 20 minute running periods. If there is sufficient extra ice time at the end of the second period, at the discretion of the referee, the last period may be extended the in time to use up the rented ice period. Penalty time is also running time, and will be announced by the referee. In the event of a Penalty Shot determination, the clock will be stopped and will restart upon the next face off drop of the puck.


Play will be no-check (stick on stick).


The referee shall waive off icing in the last one-minute of play if iced by the team that is ahead, if in the opinion of the referee, the clearing is a deliberate attempt to run out the clock.


Substitutes may only be used if fewer than 10 regular skaters (non-goalie) from a team have shown up to play. Only enough subs may be used to bring the total skaters to 10. Every attempt should be made to match the skill level of substitute to that of the missing player. If highly-skilled substitutes are creating an unfair advantage to a team (score difference greater than or equal to 4, or the substitute has scored three goals, the opposing team may request that the substitute leave the game; however, no team shall be forced to play with less than 8 players. If regular players show up after the game begins, subs must leave until the team is back down to 10 skaters or no subs remain.

Subbing for other teams on occasion is a great way to get to know the other players on the ice, keep things friendly and encourage fair play and good sportsmanship. Anyone who’s interested, please contact secretary@behlhockey.org and we’ll let the managers know of your interest.

Please note that everyone playing in a BEHL game or scrimmage MUST be registered through Sno-King with a current USA Hockey number. NO exceptions.


For all game times:

  • Managers are encouraged to find similar ability players to replace those who are absent.
  • Subs should only be used when there are less than 10 regular team players.
  • Paid full-season members of the BEHL can sub at any time.
  • Family members of current players can sub with prior board approval (email bod@behlhockey.org). Players must be registered with Sno-King before playing.
  • Players NEW to the BEHL can sub for one game with prior board approval (email bod@behlhockey.org). Players must be registered with Sno-King before playing.
  • Any manager who violates this policy will be ineligible to play in their next game.

For 11:35pm games:

  • The BEHL Secretary will help arrange subs for both teams. Anyone interested in subbing for 11:35pm games should contact secretary@behlhockey.org.
  • Split-season players are eligible to sub for any team, including their own.
  • Players currently on the BEHL wait list are eligible to sub at this time only.


Sub goalies from outside the league are permitted. Goalies must be current with their USA Hockey registration and registered through Sno-King - No exceptions. Any sub goalie not previously used this season or not already on the sub list needs to be cleared with the Board before playing – email  bod@behlhockey.org.


No player, on any team, either as a regular team member, or substitute, is permitted to score more than 3 goals per game. In the event a 4th goal is scored, the goal will not count, and the ensuing face-off shall be immediately outside the offensive zone blue line at the nearest face-off dot.


The BOD discourages players from splitting time during sessions. This can create issues with parity, be unfair for full-time players, and cause registration complications. For a split to be considered, the following guidelines apply: 

  1. Players wishing to split time must be approved at the manager’s meeting prior to the start of the session. Splits can be considered because of medical reasons, special childcare needs, or other extenuating circumstances.
  2. One player (the “primary split”) needs to pay for a full session while the other player (the “secondary split) pays the primary split. Sno-King will not accept partial payments for splits.
  3. Only the primary split can take advantage of preregistration for the following session. The secondary split will need to wait until registration is open to the public.
  4. When discussing parity at the manager's meeting, the rating of the higher ranked player will count toward the team’s overall rating.  
  5. There should be only 1 player split per team to minimize the impact to parity.
  6. Splits cannot play for the same team at the same time, except for 11:35 games.
  7. Splits cannot sub for other teams on off nights, except for 11:35 games.
  8. Split players cannot be team manager for that session.
  9. Any violation to no. 6 and 7 above will result in the Manager sitting the next game, as well as the offending player(s).



Minor penalties as listed in the USAH rule book will result in a 3:00 minute minor penalty. The penalty time begins with the drop of the puck to restart play after the penalty was called. The referee will inform the player and benches of the clock time for expiration, if the score keeper/time clock is unavailable


Major penalties will result in a 7:00 minute penalty plus Game Misconduct. The penalty time begins with the drop of the puck to begin play after the penalty was called. The referee will inform the player and benches of the clock time for expiration, if the score keeper/time clock is unavailable.


Any player who receives a third penalty in one game will be ejected from that game. If either the actual third penalty or combination of penalties leading to three involves a Game Misconduct or Match penalty infraction, the league rules for handling Game Misconduct and Match penalties will be enforced in addition to the automatic ejection from the current game.


A player receiving a Game Misconduct penalty may not participate in the next scheduled game for their team, nor may they play for another BEHL team until after they have played the next legal game with their team.



If a game ends in a tie, it will be decided by a shootout.

  • Home team decides if they want to go first or second (so check the schedule to see who is home or away, since the refs will likely just point to the home bench)
  • Each team designates 3 different shooters
  • If there's still a tie after each shooter goes, the game ends in a tie.

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